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DonaBook: Privacy Policy

DonaBook (hereinafter «Website» or «We») values the privacy of all of our users and has established this Privacy Policy to show commitment to these rights and to safeguard your privacy. If you use our website or application or services, then we urge you to read this Privacy Policy and become fully informed about how it affects your personal privacy. Please refer to this Privacy Policy to find out how to contact us if you have any questions about the contents herein. By using our Website you consent to the contents of this Privacy Policy.

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Types of personal data collected
  3. User Profile
  4. The use and share of the collected personal data
  5. Age restriction
  6. The rights of access and opt-out
  7. Mode and place of processing the personal data
  8. Retention time and deletion of personal data
  9. Changes to this privacy policy
  10. Acceptance of this privacy policy
1. Privacy Policy

When you visit any website, you are providing a range of personal information about your visit to the operators of the Website, depending on the actions you take. This is also the case with DonaBook.com. You should always understand the privacy policies on any website when supplying information during your use of the website.

We will only use the personal data you send to us during your visits for the purposes of internal tracking. This includes the activities of making DonaBook.com more effective for you, to use our website’s features and services and responding appropriately to your requests for information. Unless specifically mentioned, we do not use your personal data for any other reason. We will never sell your personal data to a third party, and we will never give a third party access to your personal data, except as may be provided in our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy or unless required to do so by law.

2. Types of personal data collected

When you use our services, it generates technical data about which features you have used, how you have used them and the devices you use to access our services.

When you use or register on the DonaBook Website, we only collect personal data that you provide of your own accord. It is possible to browse our website without registering, but you will need to register for the purpose of using certain features and services that we offer. By registering on our website, you will provide and share some of your personal data with the public and with other users. Something that is public can be seen by anyone. For example, the personal data you provide in section «My Profile», your username, gender, profile picture, public photos and public videos. This personal data is made available to the public to help connect you with other users. Please be advised that public personal data can show up when someone does a search on DonaBook.com or on another search engine. In some cases, people you share and communicate with may download or copy the content you provided to them or make it public. Use caution about the personal data you share with others.

Personal data you provide us when you use our services or register for an account with us:

  • identifying personal data such as your gender, email and address when you register for an account with us. It is your voluntary decision whether to provide us with any such personal information, but if you refuse to provide such information, we may not be able to register you to receive our services;
  • other content that you generate, or that is connected to your account (username, profile picture, photos and videos, interests, favorites);
  • you may also provide us other personal data through your participation in user-to-user communications, chats, or when you otherwise communicate with us regarding our services;
  • additional personal data we are required or authorized by applicable laws to collect and process in order to authenticate or identify you or to verify the personal data we have collected.

Personal data we collect automatically when you use our services or register for an account with us:

  • we collect data about your interaction with our services and your communications with us. This is personal data we receive from devices (including mobile devices) you use when you access our services. This personal data could include the following: device number, device ID or unique identifier, device type, and unique device token, operating system and applications used, application crash-data, IP address, User agent, platform, Software Development Kit version, anonymous User ID, time stamp Developer Key, application version, device identifiers such as: IDFA (Identifier For Advertisers), Android ID (Android device), referrer url (Playstore), Google Advertiser ID, device model, manufacture, OS version, in-app events, and network status (WiFi/3G), Login source, application use, age, gender, if profile is linked to Facebook/Google, number of photos in profile, interests, notification status, registration date;
  • location personal data, including location personal data from your mobile device including specific geographic locations through IP, GPS, Bluetooth, or WiFi signals;
  • We may collect other information with your permission, such as photos and videos (for instance, if you want to publish a photo or video).
  • computer and connection personal data such as statistics on your page views, traffic to and from the websites, referral URL, ad data, your IP address, your browsing history, and your web log personal data;

Regarding the personal data we collect using cookies, you can read more on our Cookies page.

3. User Profile

When you download the DonaBook App or use register on our Website and create an account (“Account”), we may collect certain information (“Registration Information”) about you, such as: Name; Username; Email address; Gender identity; Date of birth; Sexual preference; Photographs and Location.

You will also be required to create a password in connection with the registration of your Account. Once you register, you will be able to review and change this information at any time just by logging in to DonaBook or contacting DonaBook’s Customer Support Team at: support@donabook.com.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your account details are kept up to date. If your email address changes, please ensure that you update this in your account.

The information we collect helps to enhance DonaBook. Registration Information such as your sexual preference, name and username may be visible to other Users who view your profile page.

We recommend and encourage you (and all our Users) to think carefully about the information you disclose about yourself. We also do not recommend that you put email addresses, URLs, instant messaging details, phone numbers, full names or addresses, credit card details, national identity numbers, drivers’ license details and other sensitive information which is open to abuse and misuse on your profile.

When you post information about yourself or use the messaging function to communicate with other Users, the amount of personal information you share is at your own risk.

Profile Guidelines

  • Age. You need to be at least 18 years old to join DonaBook. Creating a profile that intentionally misrepresents you as being under the age of 18 is not allowed. We reserve the right to ask for your ID to verify your age, and we will block you from the platform if you are underage.
  • We do not permit profile photos that are heavily distorted or contain exaggerated or unnatural digital effects to the point where it cannot be clearly determined that you are the person in the photos.
  • We do not permit any overlaid symbols, icons, frames, or stickers on your DonaBook profile photos.
  • We do not permit memes or photos with only — or primarily — text as a profile photo.
  • We do not permit profile photos of children on their own.
  • Username. Members are allowed to use initials, abbreviations, contracted or shortened versions of their name, nicknames, full names, and middle names. Members do not have to use their legal name or full name.
  • We do not permit any words or phrases that violate our Terms of Use.
  • We do not permit using the name of a celebrity or fictional character in your Username.
  • We do not permit words or characters (other than a valid name) including descriptive words, symbols (e.g. $, *, @,), emojis, numbers, or punctuation in your Username.

Content and Conduct Guidelines

Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity

We do not permit nude, sexually explicit, or sexually vulgar profile content. We also do not allow the commercial exchange of any romantic or sexual activity, content, or services, including attempts to sell, advertise, or buy adult sexual content.

Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of child sexual exploitation and abuse. We do not allow content that sexualizes or endangers children, real or fictional (e.g. anime, media, text, illustrations, or digital images). This includes any visual depictions or discussions of sexually explicit conduct involving a child. For the purposes of this policy, a child is anyone under the age of 18. It is prohibited to upload, store, produce, share, or entice anyone to share child sexual abuse material, even if the intent is to express outrage or raise awareness about this issue.

Commercial and Promotional Activity

Our platform is not a marketplace. We do not allow using DonaBook for unsolicited commercial or promotional purposes.

Controlled Goods and Substances

We do not allow members to use our platforms to buy, sell, supply, distribute, or directly facilitate the purchase, sale, supply, or distribution of illegal drugs and/or the misuse of controlled goods and substances. This includes: e-cigarettes, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, or the misuse of legal substances like prescription drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

Dangerous Organizations and Individuals

We do not permit organizations or individuals that proclaim, glorify, condone, or are known to support a violent, dangerous, or terrorist-based mission to have a presence on Donabook.

Identity-Based Hate

We aim to foster a diverse and inclusive community on Donabook. We prohibit content or behavior that promotes or condones hate, dehumanization, degradation, or contempt against marginalized or minoritized communities based on the following protected attributes: race/ethnicity, national origin/nationality/immigration status, caste, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability or serious health condition, or religion/belief.

Inauthentic Profiles

DonaBook celebrates authenticity, and we expect all our members to represent themselves accurately on their profile. We do not allow impersonation or misrepresentation on our platform. This includes catfishing (e.g., creating an online persona that is not you) or falsely stating facts about yourself (including name, gender, age, and permanent location).


We prohibit the sharing of demonstrably false or substantially misleading content that is likely to cause serious harm or negatively impact individual or public safety. This includes content that directly contradicts information and guidance from leading and reputable global health organizations and public health authorities, false or misleading information on any civic process, and dangerous and unproven conspiracy-type theories.

Physical and Sexual Violence

We do not tolerate any content, imagery, or behavior that commits or threatens credible acts of physical or sexual violence. This includes physical stalking, using our platform to assist, facilitate or support exploitation or human trafficking, and sexual assault of any kind, which we define as unwanted physical contact or attempted physical contact that is sexual in nature.

Scams and Theft

DonaBook prohibits any scam or theft activity intended to defraud or manipulate members out of financial or material resources. This includes requesting or seeking financial support, lying about your intentions for financial gain, or faking romantic intentions to deceive members out of financial or material resources.

Sexual Harassment

We do not tolerate sexual harassment. We consider sexual harassment to be any non-physical, unwanted, and unwelcome sexual behaviors between members. This includes cyberflashing (i.e., sharing unsolicited sexually explicit images), in-person indecent exposure, sharing or threatening to share sexual or intimate images without the consent of the person involved or depicted, sending unwanted sexual comments or images, and fetishization.


We do not permit any kind of unwanted or irrelevant content sent in bulk or high frequency. This includes sharing misleading or misdirecting links, creating an excessive number of accounts causing disruption to other members, or having multiple active profiles on our platform to engage in unwanted interactions.

Suicide and Self-Injury Promotional

We care deeply about our members and understand that some may struggle with mental health, self-injury, suicidal thoughts, substance use, or eating disorders. While we do allow members to share personal experiences with these issues in a safe way, we do not allow any content that depicts, promotes, glorifies, or assists in activities that could lead to suicide, self-injury, or disordered eating or body image.

Violent and Graphic Content

We do not permit violent, graphic, or gory content. This includes descriptions of violence in usernames or profile content, photos containing real or realistic-appearing blood, bodily fluids, or injury, or images depicting guns of any kind (except on a uniformed member of law enforcement or military personnel).

Moderation Practices

We use a combination of automated systems and a team of moderators to monitor and review accounts (including photos and any other information uploaded onto user profiles) and messages for content that indicates breaches of our Terms and Conditions of Use. If an account or message meets certain criteria that demonstrate that the Terms and Conditions of Use are likely to have been breached, the relevant account will be subject to a warning and the user’s access restricted and/or blocked. Affected Users can contact Donabook to contest the decision.

If you post anything that is inconsistent with our Terms of Use, we reserve the right to terminate or restrict access to your Account.

4. The use and share of the collected personal data

We use your personal data to fulfill the provisions of DonaBook Terms of Use with you and provide you with our services, to comply with our legal obligations and to protect your vital interest. This includes:

  • management of your account and preferences, operate, measure and improve our services, keep our services safe, secure and operational, and customize website content that includes services that you may like in response to actions that you take;
  • provision of customer support, to contact you regarding your account, to resolve any dispute and answer your questions and enquires;
  • provision of marketing information and special offers, different kind of notifications about our services (you have the right to withdraw, opt-out, your consent at any time;
  • provision of analytics, improve services, monitor and develop the personal data security of our website and mobile applications, measure the performance of our marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • detection and protection against fraudulent transactions and other suspicious activities; user verification purposes;
  • to create aggregated data for internal use or for improving services/websites and creating new features. Aggregated data is anonymous and is not linked to any personal data. Aggregate Information helps understand trends and customer needs so that new products and services can be considered and so existing products and services can be tailored to customer desires. We may share such aggregated data with our partners, without restriction, on commercial terms that we can determine in our sole discretion.

By posting any content, messages, photos and/or videos to any public area of the Website/Application You automatically grant, represent and warrant that You have the right to grant the Website an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, and distribute such personal data and content and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such personal data and content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing.

For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Website/Application (IP License). This IP License ends when you terminate your membership with the Website/Application and we according to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use delete your IP content unless your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it.

The member hereby agrees that the Website may at its own discretion use any available channels of communication (including, but not limited to email, phone, sms, push notifications, Whatsapp, Facebook, and any other messengers) for customer support and/or marketing purposes if You have provided us such. You may at any time withdraw Your consent on such communication by contacting our Customer Support team.

You can contact us using the contact information provided below with questions or concerns. We also may resolve disputes you have with us in connection with our Privacy Policy.

5. Age restriction

Children under 18 years of age are not allowed to use our website and our services are not targeted at children under the age of 18. In accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, any personal data we receive from users we believe to be aged 18 or under will be removed from our database.

6. The rights of access and opt-out

You have the right, at any time, to change or delete your Personal data, please carry out these instructions:

  • Log into your account;
  • Click the profile thumbnail at the top left menu of the DonaBook.com page;
  • Select My Profile;
  • Edit your personal data;

At any time you can also choose to delete your DonaBook account from the Profile section of the menu.

7. Mode and place of processing the personal data

The Data controller processes the personal data of users of DonaBook.com in a proper manner and shall take appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction of the personal data.

The personal data processing is carried out using computers and/or IT enabled tools, following organizational procedures and modes strictly related to the purposes indicated. In addition to the Data controller, in some cases, the personal data may be accessible to certain types of persons in charge, involved with the operation of the website (administration, sales, marketing, legal, system administration) or external parties (such as third party technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) appointed, if necessary, as Data Processors by the Data controller.

The Data controller has secure certificates from Sectigo that show the website is approved, fully tested, and certified by this expert security systems. This means that you are safe from any viruses, identity theft, spyware, fraudulent credit card activity, spam, and internet scams.

The Personal data is processed at the Data controller’s operating offices and in any other place where the parties involved with the processing are located.

8. Retention time and deletion of personal data

The Personal data is kept for the time necessary to provide the services to you and you can always request that the Data controller suspends or deletes your personal data. If You wish to delete personal data we have collected during your use of Website/Application, You should send a request to our Support Team. Processing of your request will take some time to take effect. Thank you for your patience. Please note that changing or deleting your personal data will only change or delete the data in our database for purposes of future activities and for managing future communications. These changes and deletions will not change or delete emails or personal data the Website/Application may have already forwarded to other users or any other third parties, all as provided above in this Privacy Policy. Further, if you delete your personal data from the Website/Application, but continue to use other our websites/applications/services, you may receive emails from us regarding those websites/applications/services. However, we may elect to keep your personal data, subject to the requirements of the law and legitimate interests of the Data controller. In case of your request to delete all your personal data, you agree that your email will be stored in our database to avoid creation of duplicate accounts and for identification purposes. The email will not be used in marketing activities, nor forwarded to any partner websites or Third parties.

Please note that, even after termination of membership and deletion of any personal data, termination of any license granted hereunder, some content may continue to exist because of cached internet pages beyond the control of DonaBook.com.

9. Changes to this privacy policy

DonaBook.com reserves the right to replace, modify or amend this Privacy Policy at its own discretion. It is your responsibility to review this page and check for any Privacy Policy updates. Please note the latest modification date at the bottom of the Privacy Policy.

10. Acceptance of this privacy policy

Our Website and your use of it, including any issue concerning privacy, is subject to this Privacy Policy and the related Terms of Use. When you use our Website, you accept the conditions set out in this Privacy Policy and the related Terms of Use. You signify and guarantee that you will never generate any databases, websites, software, legal entities and services that compete with DonaBook.com. Such behavior will be fully investigated, and necessary legal action will be carried out, including, without limitation, civil, criminal, and injunctive redress.

The acceptance of this Privacy Policy and applicable Terms of Use are considered as a precondition for the use of our Website/Application and our services.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy please contact us here: support@donabook.com

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